Friday, November 27, 2015

Bix Pix Entertainment recently won 5 Emmys for the Amazon Studios show "Tumble Leaf"! Here are some shots taken after I received an Emmy for Individual Achievement as Lead Painter on the show. With me are fellow award winners, Andrew Hodges (creator), Kelli bixler (Exec Producer), Michael Granberry (Animator), and Jason Kalowski (production designer), along with husband, Jason Ferine. 

Tumble Leaf Season 2 Trailer

The new Season of Tumble Leaf is fast approaching. Here is a sneak peak of the set and puppet painting that I have been working on.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Tumble Leaf": A Stop motion animation Amazon Studios series created by Drew Hodges

Fig's replacement mouths

Hedge the hedgehog: hard cast head without fur.

Pine the porcupine.

 The Laughing Clam: Interior (mother-of-pearl) and exterior painted, using acrylics.

 One pair of many Jazz Beetles.
A Snap Dragon.
Maple the bear.

Gourd the Turtle (silicone painting by Liz Allen). 

Gingko the crab's wooden claw